Our clients

building and maintaining brands and achieving marketing and communications results

The Vector Media client “sweet spot” is a client whose size and marketing challenges make it difficult for a large agency to support, yet with complexity perhaps too great for a smaller agency to handle.

We provide media counsel to consumer and business-to-business organizations in the finance, technology, and government / non-profit sectors. We also have considerable experience in the hospitality (tourism and food service) and culture sectors.

some of our current and recent clients

  • Export Development Canada
  • Shorelines Casinos [Great Canadian Gaming Company]
  • The Lone Star Group of Restaurants
  • Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Brookfield Renewable Energy
  • HUB Insurance (through McMillan)
  • KPMG Infrastructure (through GRIP)
  • Kingston Association Partners (through Alphabet Creative)

For a detailed list of clients or to request specific capabilities or case studies, please contact Veronica Engelberts at veronica@vecmedia.com.