Vector Media is an independent Canadian media planning and buying agency. We have 25 years of experience in all paid media channels, with a balance of traditional and digital media. We are a different media agency with a focus on high levels of client service and strong financial management of our client's media budgets. We are expert in the integration of paid media (including paid social) with our client's owned earned and shared media channels.
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some upcoming changes 




On April 1st, Vector Toronto will be moving to Spaces at 180 John Street.  We look forward to seeing you there !








“Vector’s got this!”.


1. Deliver on our commitments 

2. Take great care with your media budgets – large or small 

3. Complete transparency on fees and media costs 

4. Unbiased media selection and recommendations

5. Freely share our insights and knowledge









Vector Media: n. media planning and buying agency; syn: making sense of digital and traditional media channels that can reach and engage customers and prospects; adj: improving effectiveness, efficiency, and great to work with!

we’ve been blogging

Our blog is designed to provide Canadian advertisers with knowledge and insight that answers media planning and buying questions or just helps in navigating the complex media landscape. Check out our current post and be sure to explore the archives.

Our latest entry looks at the interesting topic of client: agency evaluation.  We make the case for regular client and agency check-ins and evaluations.

4 Ways to be a GREAT Agency Client

As an agency in the vast marketing / advertising ecosystem, we understand our position in the client > service continuum and are always thrilled that our clients would entrust us with important advertising decisions and resources. Of course, the onus is on the agency to best address client needs and objectives. However, I believe client methods, actions and culture also play an important role in the quality and value of the work we deliver. As agencies, we should be helping our clients to be GREAT clients!

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CBC “Ad-Free” ? A Media Agency Perspective

The CBC has introduced an ambitious proposal to go all-in on public broadcasting, dropping advertising altogether and investing in building Canadian culture, closely following the fully publicly funded BBC model. While the sky would not fall if CBC stopped selling advertising, it would mean a diminished paid media environment.

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some of our recent work

The Great Waterway

Laced together by the sparkling St Lawrence River, Rideau Canal, Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario, The Great Waterway serves up all the ingredients for a perfect getaway, and features some of the Province’s most historic and beautiful destinations. Working in collaboration with CMK Tourism Marketing and Alphabet Creative, Vector Media has continued to develop and implement paid media strategy for The Great Waterway’s 2013 summer campaign. Advertising strategies targeted residents within the Great Waterway region, as well as consumers in Ottawa. Media selection included online, outdoor, radio and select print. For more information contact