resources and links

We are proud to be members of several industry organizations, providing us with resources and insight into the issues that affect not only our industry, but ultimately the clients we serve.

The Institute of Communications Agencies

Representing advertising and communication-related agencies, both multi-national and Canadian.

Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada

This association evaluates and recommends digital advertising standards and practices, fields interactive effectiveness research, and educates marketers, agencies, media companies, and the wider business community, about the value of interactive advertising.

Newspaper Audience Databank NADbank

Designs and conducts research in Canadian urban markets to provide cost effective and accurate in-depth marketing information for its members to assist in the buying and selling of daily newspaper advertising in Canada.

PMB Print Measurement Bureau

Syndicated study for single-source data on print readership, non-print media exposure, product usage and lifestyles.


Helps companies understand the Internet by publishing internet market research, statistics and objective analysis on Internet marketing.

Marketing Sherpa

Researches what works in marketing with exclusive case studies, surveys, results data analysis.