Vector Media is an independent Canadian media planning and buying agency. We have 20+ years of experience in all paid media channels, with a significant digital media practice. Our clients are marketers with challenging or controversial brand stories or are challenger brands in highly competitive categories. We are expert in the integration of paid media (including paid social) with our client's owned earned and shared media channels.

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Vector Media is now a Google Partner

We are pleased to announce that Vector Media has qualified to become a Google Partner.  Our thanks to Vectorian Sheila Bergeron (Senior Digital Strategist) for all her work and efforts to complete the accreditation process.  On behalf of our clients, we look forward to including Google as an important channel in our ongoing media planning and buying services.

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some of our recent work

Canadian Arthritis Society: Erase the Pain

With almost 6 million Canadians living with the pain of arthritis, The Arthritis Society has launched a multi-year initiative to involve Canadians in the pursuit of care and reducing the impact of the pain caused by arthritis.  Working in collaboration with Armstrong Partnership (creative) and Diamond Integrated Marketing (digital), Vector Media developed and implemented media strategies designed to drive traffic to a dedicated web site in order to capture the experience of Canadians suffering from arthritis, and to initiate dialog between members of the arthritis community. Media emphasized digital channels, targeting Canadians nationally.

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we've been blogging

Our blog and articles are meant to provide marketers and advertisers with knowledge and insight that may help answer burning questions or just help in navigating our complex media landscape. Check out our current post and be sure to explore the archives.

Our latest entry looks at the interesting topic of client – agency evaluation – and the case for agencies to evaluate their clients.

CBC “Ad-Free” ? A Media Agency Perspective

The CBC has introduced an ambitious proposal to go all-in on public broadcasting, dropping advertising altogether and investing in building Canadian culture, closely following the fully publicly funded BBC model. While the sky would not fall if CBC stopped selling advertising, it would mean a diminished paid media environment.

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